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UK Graduates earn more than non-graduates over the course of their career so it is worth putting early effort into getting a good degree. In today’s 2012 economic conditions, turning this aspiration into a real graduate salary means successfully competing against an average of 82 other well qualified graduates. The reality of getting the right job and at the salary you expect requires immediate and simultaneous focus and effort during your time at University or College.

Whilst a good degree results is an important step to attaining a graduate level career, it is by no means the only one. It can take many months, and sometimes even years, to finally settle on what you want to do after graduation, and just as long again to ready yourself for successfully making it happen.

As well as your degree, and the academic skills that come with that, you will also need to identify and master the non academic ’employability skills’ required by the relevant employers. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, graduate employers can afford to be choosy and the smart student is the one who plans ahead in order to be the one they choose.

Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail:

It is important the you believe in your own ability to get that ideal job, graduate career, post-graduate course or internship. The first step is to plan ahead and begin to develop the necessary employability skills as early as possible in your University or College life.

Check out the links to the right and try out the different tools and techniques that can start you out on the right path to Graduate success.

Career Planning Exercise:

Take a look at the four statements below and rate (out of 5) your personal level of agreement with each:

I have a clear vision in my mind of what I want to do or become after graduation

I have set a series of achievable goals to help me achieve my vision of graduate employment

I know what graduate employability skills my future employer is likely to look for

I have assessed my personal strengths and weaknesses and have a plan to improve upon them before I enter the graduate employment

If you have rated yourself highly on each of these your next step is to check out with a University Careers Adviser that your rating is realistic. If they concur with your rating you can ask them to help you move towards identifying roles and vacancies that may suit you. However, you may find that you have over-rated your situation in which case you can seek help to progress in weaker aspects.

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